History of AIDS Ride Wisconsin - ACT Ride

In 2002 several volunteers and staff members at the AIDS Network in Madison, Wisconsin came together to create a ride that raised funds for those living with HIV/AIDS in their community. They called it AIDS Network Cycles Together, or the ACT Ride. The ACT Ride, originally a six-day ride, was created by a group of dedicated and selfless individuals as a way to bring important awareness about HIV/AIDS to communities and to fundraise crucial funding for the cause. Since its conception, the ACT Ride raised millions of dollars to assist those affected by HIV/AIDS in southwestern Wisconsin.

On February 1, 2015 the AIDS Network merged with the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) and AIDS Ride Wisconsin was added to the ACT Ride name. Many of the ACT Ride’s original participants still participate today as a testament to their devotion to the cause and their community. The ACT Ride has changed since its first year, but the importance of helping those with HIV/AIDS remains the same.

Top Individual Fund Raiser   Top Team Fund Raiser
ACT 1 - Jennifer Schroeder ACT 7 - Team Orange
ACT 2 - Cory Felda ACT 8 - Team Madd Dawgs
ACT 3 - Mykos Ress ACT 9 - Team Ratfink
ACT 4 - Jeanne Marshall ACT 10 - Team Lowell
ACT 5 - Mitch Weber ACT 11 - Team Terrier
ACT 6 - Paula Orton ACT 12 - Team Terrier
ACT 7 - Dino Maniaci ACT 13 - Team Orange
ACT 8 - Bruce Slaughenhoupt ACT 14 - Team Orange
ACT 9 - Joel Duffrin ACT 15 - Team Terrier
ACT 10 - Terry Christopher ACT 16 - Team Orange
ACT 11 - Terry Christopher  
ACT 12 - Marylou Ward  
ACT 13 - Marylou Ward  
ACT 14 - Kristin Mathews  
ACT 15 - Kristin Mathews  
ACT 16 - Kristin Mathews