AIDS Walk Wisconsin 2017

Karma Chameleon

ARCW is in my opinion the best AIDS organization in the country. They help thousnads of people living with hiv and help educate the public on provention. Without donations and funding this organization will not be able to stay amazing!

Karma Chameleon Raised
Trenton Rannow $1,189.00
Personal Gift Andrew Sawyer $1,435.00
Larry Bauer $0.00
Annie Chambers $0.00
Milestone 1 Personal Gift Kate Cronk $30.00
Milestone 1 Personal Gift Briana Dooley $40.00
Laura Gross $0.00
Milestone 2 Mike Gulock $100.00
Milestone 2 Tracy Jean Gulock $100.00
Milestone 2 Chris Kosterman $200.00
Milestone 2 Personal Gift Whinter Kosterman $120.00
Krista Nosek $0.00
Alfonso Sims $0.00
Milestone 2 Heidi Stublaski $100.00
Milestone 1 Personal Gift Katie Weise $30.00
Team Gifts $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain