AIDS Walk Wisconsin 2017


Help us support ARCW and their work.

Why? Well...

ARCW is one of the largest and fastest growing AIDS service organizations in the country, and a nationally
renowned center for excellence in HIV health care. Through its integrated medical, dental and mental health
clinics; pharmacy and medication assistance program; and dedicated services such as food pantries, housing,
legal representation and social work case management, more than 3,600 HIV patients in Wisconsin gain the
health care and social services they need for long-term survival with HIV disease. ARCW is also a leading
provider of innovative and aggressive prevention services to help at-risk individuals stay free of HIV.

Thanks to quality health care and services like those provided by ARCW, people with HIV in Wisconsin live
longer than in anywhere in the country. For HIV patients, an undetectable viral load is the highest standard of
disease management. Nationally, 28% of patients receiving treatment have an undetectable viral load. At
ARCW, 89% of patients have an undetectable viral load. Individuals who have suppressed their viral load to
an undetectable level are 96% less likely to transmit HIV.
At ARCW, no person is turned away due to inability to pay for services. Among ARCW patients, 91% live in
poverty. The cost of delivering medical, dental, and mental health care to these and other uninsured patients is
$3,840 per patient, exceeding $3 million annually.
Events such as AIDS Walk Wisconsin & 5K Run provide critical funds to ensure continued access to life-saving
health care and social services for people living with HIV/AIDS in our state.

Where your dollars go
100% of the money raised by AIDS Walk Wisconsin & 5K Run stays in Wisconsin for the fight against AIDS.

Fluid Raised
Milestone 2 Personal Gift Roy Normington $220.00
Milestone 4 Personal Gift Joseph Carpenter $360.00
Milestone 4 Personal Gift Lisa Frymark $320.00
Milestone 2 Susan Gagnon $290.00
Milestone 4 Personal Gift John-Mark Klapperich $345.00
Milestone 1 Bryan Klister $50.00
Milestone 1 Personal Gift Catherine Klister $50.00
Janet Krivanek $500.00
Alan McAfee $0.00
Personal Gift William Wardlow $500.00
Team Gifts $1,020.00
Denotes a Team Captain